MAP 101

Entrenue is your partner in protecting your profits!

As an exclusive distributor for several brands, Entrenue is very thankful to be considered as such and appreciates our partnership and the responsibility we have in maintaining each brand’s integrity and reputation. This includes the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) set forth for these brands. Many of the brands we carry have chosen to adopt MAP Policies over the last couple of years. Every MAP policy is a little different, but what they all have in common is that MAP pricing does not limit the actual selling price. It simply sets the minimum price a product can be advertised at—whether that is in print or online. MAP policies are created to stop price undercutting, resulting in stronger margins and less risk for retailers.


Manufacturers periodically check Retailers’ advertised prices of the brands that have a MAP Policy. It is also the practice of Entrenue to verify that retailers are following MAP guidelines when necessary without being prompted by the manufacturer. When a pricing violation is found, either the distributor or the manufacturer will contact the retailer violating MAP pricing and request they update their advertised prices within a specific period of time (varies by brand). If multiple violations occur, the manufacturer may request that all distributors stop selling to this retailer.


MAP agreements may also restrict the type of platform their products are sold on to prevent pricing issues. These restrictions can include:

In an effort to be as consistent as possible, Entrenue requests that our customers update us on any changes to their account information including:

To comply with all MAP agreements, it is important to also notify Entrenue of any and all avenues you plan on selling specific brands. Entrenue reserves the right to delay order processing if violations are found.


For more information about MAP policies or questions regarding specific manufacturers, please contact our Sales department.