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Our AMAZING sales staff takes an interest in your success. We have many ways to help make your business more successful including a data feed, images, training sheets, best seller recommendations and a fountain of experience and thorough knowledge on any product. We love what we do and we want to share that with you. We are a unique adult wholesale distributor who believes in beauty, design, integrity and the importance of intimacy. In order to work with us and start browsing our website we just need a few things.

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To get started on your packet, email

Be sure to have your resale license and shipping account numbers (if you have any) ready.

Your resale license (and corresponding number) is issued by your state or local municipality. As the name implies, it entitles you to purchase products at wholesale prices and re-sell them. Your resale license also provides sales tax exemption on your wholesale purchases. This license proves to a wholesaler that you are using their goods and products in the manufacture of your final product, and that you will collect the sales tax from the end users.

Your state or local government issues resale licenses to ensure that you are authorized to collect sales tax on taxable products. Moreover, it is used to track your payments of sales tax to the proper tax body. Different municipalities have different names for the resale license. They include Seller's Permit, Use and Sales Tax License, Transaction Privilege Tax, Application to Collect/Report Tax, and Resale Certificate. They all serve the same purpose.

Create an account on our website

Select "Login" in the upper right of this page and then select "Create an Account." We will be notified when you sign up. Your information will be forwarded on to a sales rep who will contact you directly either by phone or email.

Start browsing and buying from Entrenue

It's that easy! You're just a few steps away from selling our unique, quality adult wholesale products in your store.

Have an online store? No problem!

Our API can help customers integrate with our website. This will allow your customers to order on your store and have the order integrate directly with our system. No more placing drop ship orders separately on your own! Our API also offers reliable pricing, inventory, images and product information. This saves you mountains of time while allowing for a faster order turnover. We can even refer you to reliable developers who can help integrate your store with our API.

We also have an XML & CSV file available for download and an easy-to-use Media Library that includes all of our web images. Customers can also access web banners to use freely on their online stores.

Questions? Contact us now

If you have questions about adult products, adult wholesale toys, wholesale adult novelties, starting a new account or anything else, please feel free to call us during normal business hours 9 am - 5 pm, MST. Please keep in mind that we are NOT a retail site and cannot sell directly to the public.

Phone: 800-368-7268, Email:, Fax: 602-454-2665

For any questions regarding our website, data feed, media library or API, email: